Humans have been using cosmetics for centuries to enhance their beauty and improve their skins. The use of cosmetic products dates way back to the Egyptian era. These products have been enhanced with time and became more sophisticated. Now, the use of plant stem cells in cosmetic products has given the cosmetic industry a leap forward, and finally, the products can claim that they work well for the betterment of the skin-related issues

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are capable of taking shape and form of any other cells in the body. They are designed so that when they come into contact with any cell in the human body, they take its form and replace the dead or damaged cells. 

There are different types of stem cells based on where they are extracted. Umbilical cord stem cells, amniotic stem cells, and embryonic stem cells are some of the examples. You can guess by the name where these cells come from.

In medical technology, stem cell research can also be used as a replacement for surgeries. When entered into the part of human bodies with defects, these cells start working right away, and they either repair, rejuvenate, or replace the dead cells. 

Why Plant stem cell-based cosmetics?

According to the study, it was found that human skin has active stem cells that continuously fight with issues like aging and wrinkles, etc. But with increasing age, these cells start losing their capabilities, and the human skin starts losing its natural ability to protect itself from oxidative and UV-induced damages.

The plants have a very long life compared to humans, and they have the same protection mechanism as humans. They have cells that act as antioxidants and keep the plants young and fresh for a long time. 

After going through cell extraction, it becomes possible to extract these cells from plants that work as antioxidants and use them in cosmetic products for the human skin. These active antioxidants give life to the cells present in human skin, repair, and rejuvenate them.

Unlike animal stem cells, the plant stem cells are trusted and believed to be safe and beneficial for humans. The skin is one of the most sensitive parts, and any untrusted thing can worsen the situation. Therefore, after tons of studies and research, it was found that the plant stem cells that have active antioxidants are safe to use on human skin and provide results.

Plant stem cells – An emerging industry!

Many cosmetic companies are moving towards the plant stem cell technology and claiming to use it in their products for better sales and results. However, it should be known that these products contain the cell extracts with active antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties found in the plants and not live cells.

The plant stem cell industry relies highly upon research work, and scientific evidence supports substantial antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds found in botanicals such as grapes, lilacs, apples, and more. 

Many different plants have different types of cell extracts that are beneficial to be used for human betterment. This technology is now the new focus of the cosmetic industry, and a lot of famous and big names in the industry are moving towards it.

Mibelle Group, MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Intelligent Nutrients, and Juice Beauty are some of the critical players observed in the plant stem cell cosmetics market.

The plant stem cells have been taking a lot of attention and promise many possibilities. Thus the cosmetic industry is moving vastly towards it. 

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